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Solar power is abundant, free and the most environmentally friendly source of electricity on Earth. Birmingham, Alabama-based Eagle Solar & Light is the regional leader in architecturally-advanced, aesthetically-designed solar electricity and LED lighting solutions that offer long-term economic benefits.

Solar Energy: 

From the moment a solar power system is energized, the owner begins saving on power bills. Cost reductions realized over the life of the installation can payback the expenditure many times over. The length of time required to realize a 100 percent return on investment is typically less than two years for most commercial installations and varies for smaller home-based systems.

Considering the systems are designed and warranted to last up to 25 years, owners are reducing their carbon footprint, generating their own power rather than buying it from a power company, and are able to lock in the ongoing cost of their electricity.

We offer solar power systems for residential, commercial, nonprofit, and government buildings. From design and installation, to ongoing system maintenance and support, we maintain the highest quality standards in performance and reliability. We are certified dealers for one of the nation’s largest solar industry suppliers and also have access to architecturally advanced solar panels to fit any aesthetic need.

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LED Lighting and Automation:

Eagle Solar & Light offers a complete line of custom designed, state-of-the-art LED lighting, controls, and automation that provide enhanced illumination using as much as 85 percent less energy than conventional lighting. In addition to energy savings, LED lights have an average lifespan in excess of 10 years and are warranted by the manufacturers for up to a full decade. LED lights typically pay for themselves in less than two years and reduce power bills by up to 70 percent!

Our products also include stand-alone renewable energy fixtures for any roadway, parking lot, or specialty application.


Customer Service:

The hallmark of Eagle Solar & Light is unparalleled customer service backed by a team with decades of technical expertise. From initial site survey through system design and licensing, to installation, energizing and warranty fulfillment, we deliver world-class customer experience.


And More:

AC/DC split Air Conditioner/Heat Pump:
We offer a new 1 ton combined air conditioner/heat pump that utilizes solar power and AC power. It runs off 3 solar panels to subsidize daylight power consumption, as well as a standard A/C connection. The control/thermostat is on a wireless handheld remote, that can be wall mounted or moved about. And, it only draws 800 watts for cooling during the day compared to the customary 3500 watts for a conventional 1 ton A/C unit! Follow this link for more information.
Heliocol Solar Pool Heaters provide maintenance-free solar pool heating panels that protect your roof, your swimming pool investment and the environment. With no utility expense, Heliocol produces energy out of thin air, heating your pool and doubling your swim season. Follow this link for more information.


We are licensed by the State Licensing Board for General Contractors as an Alabama General Contractor, #51689, and by the Alabama Home Builder’s Licensure Board as a Residential Home Builder/Remodeler in the State of Alabama, #25057.


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For a Free Consultation Please Contact Us:

Or you can visit us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram: