Wadsworth Oil

The Store owned by Wadsworth oil in McCalla, Alabama is the first and only LEED certified gas station/convenience store in the state.  LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a globally recognized symbol of sustainability achievement, providing a framework to highly efficient and cost-saving green buildings.  Wadsworth Oil went a step further to become Alabama’s first solar powered gas station as well. Eagle Solar & Light installed a ground mounted 20-Kilowatt solar energy system that produces an estimated 30,991-Kilowatt Hours per year.

System Information: 

  • Total System Size: 20 Kilowatts
    • Solar Panels: 72 – Sun Spark, 290 Watt
    • Inverters: 2 – SolarEdge SE9.0K-Us, 3-phase
    • Mounting: Custom Aerocompact Ground Mount
    • Est. Annual Production: 30,991 Kilowatt Hours 

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