The Community Purchasing Alliance:  Saving Money for Non-Profits

The Community Purchasing Alliance: Saving Money for Non-Profits

One of the greatest parts of working in the solar industry is the people that you meet. As our work in North Carolina has expanded, we have been thrilled to learn about the Community Purchasing Alliance (CPA). The Community Purchasing Alliance has changed the way that schools and churches think about their utilities, service contracts and vendor relationships. They are helping non-profits stretch their limited time and financial resources.

Felipe Witchger, Founder and Executive Director of the CPA is a visionary with a passion for helping non-profits focus on their mission and extend their resources. Hear Felipe speak at our upcoming “Save Money and Make a Difference!” Nonprofit Sustainability Event March 20th in Durham, NC! Click here to register. You will learn about how non-profits are making their dollars go farther with CPA’s innovative financing model and other pertinent topics.

Community Purchasing Alliance and Bulk Purchasing of Critical Services

The CPA negotiates significant savings for their non-profit members by negotiating contracts and vendor relationships that wouldn’t be available otherwise. Solar energy, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) services, and printers are all products that CPA has facilitated special pricing arrangements for its cooperative members.  

See How Temple Sinai Benefitted from Solar through the CPA

CPA successfully negotiated $16.9 million of bulk purchase agreements in 2018 for a total of $1.5 in savings for its members. These bulk-purchase arrangements are driven by specific needs and opportunities for savings, and these final agreements are the result of robust financial analysis, intensive due diligence, and significant input from the coop members on their most pressing needs. For example, CPA and its members determined that it could save 10-30% on HVAC services through a bulk-purchased contract.  CPA is replicating this successful model in the Research Triangle Park area now, after significant success in Washington DC.

Learn more about the CPA and Solar Power for Nonprofits

Join us in Durham at Clouds Brewing to learn more about how your nonprofit can raise more money and save money.  This event is going to focus on a variety of strategies that nonprofits can employ to get the most out of every dollar. Reserve your spot today!

When: March 20th, 5:30-7:00 pm

Where: Clouds Brewery, 905 West Main Street #22, Durham, NC 27701


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