Solar Leasing And PPAs


As the demand for clean energy has grown, so has the financing options available to consumers.  Some customers choose to finance the investment with cash or a traditional loan; but within our North Carolina and Georgia markets, consumers have other options that are financially advantageous.   Solar leasing and power purchasing agreements (PPAs) or Solar Energy Procurement Agreements (SEPAs) have become preferred financing mechanisms that allow businesses and nonprofits to have affordable access to clean energy with significantly reduced upfront costs as compared with a cash purchase.

We’ve tried for a decade to reach an arrangement that would make sense for us, but we never really gained traction until we partnered with Eagle Solar & Light and its lease program. We now have a system that will put our roof to good use, lower our carbon burden as a school, and save us a whole bunch of money over the life of the panels.

Cotton Bryan
Principal / Woods Charter School