Second Attic Storage

Second Attic Storage is a storage unit facility that includes outdoor and indoor climate-controlled units located in Bessemer, Alabama. The owner of Second Attic Storage was interested in using solar energy to cut the costs on energy for the facility. Eagle Solar & Light designed and installed a 12.2-Kilowatt system for the company. Shortly after implementing the solar system in June of 2017 Second attic storage was able to cut their monthly utility bill by 50% with solar energy alone.

“As a business owner, we are always looking for opportunities to bring our costs down. We saw an opportunity to be harnessing energy from the sun and are now putting that energy to use for our business. Solar energy makes good business sense.”
– Kirsten Bryant, Owner of Second Attic Storage

System Information:

  • Total System Size: 12.24 Kilowatts
    • Solar Panels: 36 – REC Twin Peak, 340 Watt, 72-cell Commercial sized panels 
    • Optimizers: 18 – SolarEdge P-600, to maximize solar generation
    • Inverters: 1 – SolarEdge 14.4K-US, 3-Phase
    • Mounting: Snap’N’Rack Series 100 Rail System, Snap’N’Rack Standing Seam Roof Mount Anchors
    • Est. Annual Production: 15,774 Kilowatt Hours

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