Off-Grid &
Energy Storage

An Off-Grid solar energy system is designed to work on its own. The system relies on electricity generated in combination or individually by solar panels, generators, or hydro systems which is then stored in batteries. The power stored by the batteries then supplies the power to your house. Just like the term off-grid, this system is not connected to any outside power source or utility grid.

In designing an off-grid system for your home we take every electrical variable into consideration to supply you or your family the power it will need daily. We will review your solar potential, your electric usage, and all energy saving options. Also, we will match the necessary battery capacity to your system to allow the enjoyment of energy freedom.

Off-Grid Information

Off-grid systems are energy independent. Meaning, you receive no power bills and systems work during power outages. With the efficiency of solar panels increasing every year and energy storage becoming the wave of the future, Off-grid solar systems are now more achievable than ever before. This increase in technology allows for off-grid systems to autonomously control and monitor themselves to insure there is no lack of power.

Considering the systems are designed and warrantied to last up to 25 years, owners are reducing their carbon footprint, generating their own power rather than buying it from a power company, and can lock in the ongoing cost of their electricity for years to come.

Off-Grid System

An “off-grid” solar system is completely independent of the national electrical grid. It consists of the solar panels, inverters, charge controllers, batteries and a back-up generator. This system allows the user to create and consume all its own energy, without being serviced by the utility.

An off-grid system has many advantages such as energy independence, no power outages and fixed pricing for the life of the system. Off-grid systems can be more expensive than a grid-tied system but their cost has dropped dramatically in the past ten years and more users are looking to add them to their home or small business. It is especially useful for rural locations that the utilities have difficulty or charge a lot to bring service to.

Currently, Eagle Solar can provide all of the equipment necessary including the Tesla Powerwall or Fortress Batteries, except the back-up generator, but we will work with your generator provider to arrange the electrical tie-in.

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