Non-profits & Municipalities

Non-Profit Organizations

How can Eagle Solar and Light (ESL) support local tax-exempt organizations to meet sustainability goals?


For many non-profits and municipalities, the biggest barrier to going solar and reducing its carbon footprint is the upfront cost of the equipment. Not only are budgets lean, but without having the advantage of reducing that cost with federal tax credits and depreciation, the cost of solar can be out of reach for many. We recognize the financial constraints many organizations are under, which is why in Duke Energy Territory, we can offer a leasing program that can represent a 20-30% reduction in the cost of a system as compared to an initial purchase scenario.  In fact, Eagle Solar was the first solar contractor to be legally licensed by the utilities to lease solar systems in North Carolina (reference). The lease option, when coupled with the NC Solar Rebate, can allow a tax-exempt organization the ability to go solar without a capital campaign.

Communities of faith, schools and other tax-exempt organizations currently make up a large percentage of projects for ESL in North Carolina.


Now through 2029, Mississippi Power along with Mississippi Gulf Coast Community Foundation, is funding grants for 50% of renewable energy projects for 501(c)3 and educational institutions.  Contact Mississippi Power for more information and then call Eagle Solar & Light to get your NABCEP certified design.


ESL can partner with municipalities, helping to achieve the carbon-emission goals set by local governments as well as Governor Cooper’s Executive Order 80.

With vast experience in solar leasing for municipalities and non-profits, ESL can be a strong partner for those looking to adopt solar.

Beyond the design and installation of a PV system, we are committed to transitioning our energy supply away from fossil fuels. We consistently seek out opportunities to educate the community about the environmental and financial benefits of solar energy. Whether it is a solar demonstration for a fourth-grade science class, or a system installation for a Habitat for Humanity home, we are ready and eager to make our community better and more sustainable for all.


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