Dunn Building Company

Dunn Building Company is the leader in design-¬build construction for national and international industrial companies throughout Alabama and the Southeast. Dunn Building Company was interested in reducing the power usage at their headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama. Eagle Solar & Light installed a grid-connected, roof-mounted 24.78-Kilowatt solar energy system at the company’s headquarters.

System Information: 

  • Total System Size: 24.78 Kilowatts
    • Panels: 84 – SunSpark, 295 Watt
    • Optimizers: 43 – SolarEdge P-600, to maximize solar generation
    • Inverters: 2 – SolarEdge SE14.4K-US, 3-phase
    • Mounting: Snap’N’Rack Flush Mount Roof Mounting System

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