Righteous Design

Our access to the best products and services in the nation allows us to properly design a solar or LED lighting system that will absolutely meet your needs and/or objectives. We feature only the products that have a known marketplace dominance, ensuring that the customer, the contractor and the manufacturer are all together in an energy-producing partnership that will endure decades of service.

The NABCEP certified team members that will contribute to the overall system design and installation will make sure that all facets of the system installation follow not only the National Electrical Code, local codes and regulations but also adhere to the best-of-industry practices. Our craftsmanship will also further the operational consistency and longevity of the overall system, and is a cornerstone of a righteous design.

For LED projects, the partnerships we have with our manufacturers grants us access to factory-level engineering and design services that ensure that the overall performance of the lighting system meets operational requirements for overall light output, light spread, color temperature and environmental fitness.

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