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"Our solar energy experts pride themselves by finding the most cost effective, highest ROI, and size appropriate solution for your business. By doing so, this allows for your company to reach its full solar potential."

- Sam Yates, CEO of Eagle Solar & Light
Large solar panel array at Summer Classics in Pelham, Alabama.

Eagle Solar & Light utilizes a unique blend of design and construction expertise to provide turn-key solar solutions for organizations of all sizes from small businesses to large warehouses.

– Use your roof to reduce operating costs.
– Retrofit your HVAC riddled roof with solar energy to save money on your utility costs.
– Every kilowatt hour produced is a kilowatt hour you don’t have to buy from your utility company.
– Supplement 30 to 45% of a business’s monthly electricity using solar power.

Solar Panels on top of downtown birmingham building.

Commercial Solar is a

Commercial businesses experience Rapid Return on Investment on solar power equipment.

  • Return on investment of solar power for commercial businesses averages between 2-5 years.
  • Businesses that utilize both the ITC and the MACRS Tax depreciation save an average of 60% of the overall cost of their solar power system through tax benefits. 
  • Solar energy fixes energy prices in a market that experiences 2-3% inflation from year to year.
Large commercial solar power system at Summer Classics in Pelham, Alabama

Commercial solar systems can reduce energy costs, allowing businesses to maximize potential savings that can be reinvested into their core growth strategy.

  • Commercial buildings that have large roofs benefit by having more space for solar panels that will produce more power which will incur more savings.
  • All of which lead to a Rapid Rate of Return on Investment.

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Why Is Energy Important?

Energy represents about 19 percent of total expenditures for the typical office building. This clearly makes energy a significant operational cost deserving management attention. Office buildings in the U.S. spend an annual average of $1.34 per square foot on electricity. (

Using solar power, businesses will be directly decreasing operating cost by generating supplemental power. On average solar energy implemented on businesses will supplement 30-45% of their monthly power usage.

In the US, 80% of Fortune 500 companies have a sustainability plan.

  • Sustainability shows dedication to your market as a long-term commitment.
  • Solar power appreciates the value of the building or business by showing sustainability initiatives.
  • Most importantly, it differentiates your business from competition because sustainability is a marketable asset.

Solar Power is a Marketable Asset

  • Implementing a solar array on your business is strong, progressive statement of sustainability to your employees, customers, and the markets you serve.
  • Marketing your business with commitment to sustainability is a proven way to enhance your market share within your industry.
  • Stand out against competition with solar power and sustainability.

Our Solar Installation Process:

Our representatives will discuss the ends and outs of solar with you to insure your understanding of solar power and how it will benefit your business. We also discuss how the integration of sustainability into your business plan will help you grow. Depending on the system power and size a second meeting with various positions of your company may be necessary for further clarification on solar power and its benefits. 

 In most cases, we will begin moving forward by studying your utility bills to match your business with the most efficient solar array. 

At this stage, one or more of our representatives will perform a site assessment of the property to roof to determine the best place of a solar array. We also review the electrical capacity of your building. If necessary, representatives will take measurements of roofs and obstructions to refine the design of the solar array. Any concerns or questions about the solar potential of your business will be covered during the site assessment.

After the site assessment is performed, we create a hand tailored solar proposal that covers everything from what your solar array will produce on a monthly basis vs. what you are paying your utility, to the return on investment, to warranty, to size of solar system array and more. 

Your Eagle Solar & Light representative will review your detailed proposal and address any further questions or concerns you may have. Once agreement is reached, we send in a interconnection request with your utility company.

After professional engineers approve (stamp) our structural and electrical designs, Eagle Solar & Light handles the submission of the building permits with the city or county where your business resides. This process can take up to 4 weeks depending on the location of the installation. 

After the permit process has finished and materials have been ordered, we will schedule the installation with you and your company. 

After safety equipment is prepared and materials arrive, Eagle Solar & Light will begin the installation process. The installation itself is non-intrusive and typically without heavy machinery. Being typically on the roof of a building, installation of solar equipment can be weather dependent. 

Once the installation of solar equipment is complete and the wiring of the system has finished, a certified electrician performs the interconnection with the utility company. 

After interconnection, the final inspections by city or county takes place. 

After the final inspection is completed, you are producing power and offsetting your utility bill every day. 

Harness the Most Abundant and Free Source of Electricity on Earth!

Commercial Solar Example

555-Kilowatt Solar Energy System at Summer Classics in Pelham, Alabama. The largest private solar energy system in the State of Alabama!

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