Commercial Solar


Commercial Solar is a great avenue to protect against rising utility rates, take advantage of aggressive tax incentives and show your employees and customers your commitment to sustainability.

Large solar panel array at Summer Classics in Pelham, Alabama.

Eagle Solar & Light utilizes a unique blend of design and construction expertise to provide turn-key solar solutions for organizations of all sizes from small businesses to large retail centers. Retrofit your HVAC riddled roof with solar energy to save money on your utility costs. Every kilowatt hour produced is a kilowatt hour you don’t have to buy from your energy company.

Solar Panels on top of downtown birmingham building.

Our solar energy experts pride themselves by finding the most cost effective, highest ROI, and size appropriate solution for your business. By doing so, this allows for your company to reach its full solar potential.

Take Advantage of Aggressive Tax Benefits:

– 30% federal tax credit on solar energy systems until 2019.
– Accelerated 85% Depreciation on solar equipment in the first year.
– Rebate of 50 cents per watt produced (Duke Energy).

Move Forward with a Sustainability Program:

– Show customers and employees your commitment to sustainability.
– Stand out against competition with a sustainability program.

Harness the Most Abundant and Free Source of Electricity on Earth!

Commercial Solar Example

555-Kilowatt Solar Energy System at Summer Classics in Pelham, Alabama. The largest private solar energy system in the State of Alabama!

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