Make BHM 60.32 kW

MAKE BHM provides access to equipment our members might otherwise not have access to. MAKE BHM was interested in pursuing a more sustainable way to power their business. Eagle solar & Light installed a 60.3-Kilowatt commercial solar energy system on the roof of MAKE BHM located in Avondale, a district of downtown Birmingham, AL.

System Information:

  • Total System Size: 60.32 Kilowatts
  • Panels: 208- REC Twin Peak, 290 Watt
  • Optimizers: 104 – SolarEdge P-600
  • Inverters: 1 – SolarEdge SE14.4K-US, 1 – SolarEdge SE9.0K-US, 3-phase
  • Mounting: Aerocompact Custom Ballasted roof mount system
  • Monitoring: SolarEdge Zigbee wireless monitoring system


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