Cobbs Allen 100.3 kW

Cobbs Allen is a risk management firm ranked in the top 100 of all US brokerage firms with offices in Birmingham, Houston, and Kansas City. At their headquarters in Birmingham, Alabama, Cobbs Allen looked to Eagle Solar & Light to increase their buildings efficiency and decrease their power usage through LED lighting and commercial solar power. Eagle first retrofitted over 450 fluorescent lighting fixtures with LED lights within the thirty-five thousand square foot building. Eagle then installed a 100-Kilowatt solar energy system on the roof of the building. Currently this is the largest solar energy system in the Birmingham area!

“It is important to Cobbs Allen that we be good stewards of our environment and of our financial resources. The solar and LED projects with Eagle Solar has allowed us to do both.”
-Grantland Rice IV, Chief Financial Officer at Cobbs Allen. 

System Information: 

  • Total System Size: 100 Kilowatts
    • Solar Panels: 345 – REC Twin Peak, 290 Watt
    • Optimizers: 172 – SolarEdge P-600, to maximize solar generation
    • Inverters: 2 – SolarEdge SE33.3K-US, 1 – SolarEdge SE10K-US, 3-phase 240V
    • Mounting: Aerocompact Custom Ballasted roof mounting system
    • Est. Annual Production: 132,699 Kilowatt Hours


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