Energizing 1st Solar Ground Mount System in City of Mountain Brook

Mountain Brook, AL, September 12, 2016: Today, we energized the 1st Solar Ground Mount system in the city of Mountain brook approved by the Mountain Brook City Planning Commission.
img_1551This 12 kW system consists of:
40 ea of the LG, 300 watt, Monocryctalline Black Panels, mounted on a 55’ long SnapnRack ground mount railing system, 40 ea SolarEdge P300-5 Series Optimizers, a SolarEdge SE10,000A String Inverter, a SolarEdge SE1000 Zigbee ethernet kit for real time monitoring, interconnected into the main 200 amp panel, augmenting the electrical consumption from Alabama Power Company.
Additionally, we designed a water cooling system to lower module temperature on hot days, thereby increasing overall efficiency by an average of 7%.

German Solar Tour Part 6

By Samuel Yates, CEO

Germany4Here’s what we should expect the Solar Energy Landscape in the United States to look like moving forward…


Lets start by taking a snapshot of that incredibly successful Photovoltaic Industry in Germany.


German Solar Tour Part 5

by Samuel Yates, CEO

So, what could the Renewable Energy Landscape look like in the United States by 2020?

Let’s break it down into two major renewables, Wind and Solar:


With potential solar energy boom on the horizon, Alabama lags behind

by Dennis Pillion, The Birmingham News

The rooftop solar industry has been booming nationwide in recent years, but that growth is not taking shape equally in all states. While Georgia now has a solar installation industry that employs 2,900 people, central and south Alabama has barely scraped up enough residential solar customers to make a football team.


Going Solar in Alabama

by Elizabeth Scribner, Solar-Powered Homeowner

As of this moment, I am relaxing in a 72-degree living room, courtesy of the hot sun baking outside, as a solar-powered air-conditioning unit and solar-powered central fan expertly deliver cool air throughout my house.   With the sun as our primary power source, watching TV in the evening or making coffee in the morning have become truly guilt-free pleasures as we produce more energy than we need without the worry of spewing harmful toxins into the air or contaminating precious drinking water with coal waste.