Bottom Line on Commercial Solar Returns

cash-flow-graphHere at Eagle Solar and Light, we are often asked: what kind of financial returns ($$) do commercial solar installations produce, and why?

Solar Commercial Systems will typically generate:

  • Paybacks < 2 years
  • Internal Rates of Return > 50% (IRR is a metric used to measure the profitability of a project). Yes, that’s correct, greater than 50%!!

Why are the Financial Returns so incredible? (more…)

5 Things to know about payback on Commercial Solar Systems

1. Electricity Savings are immediate
2. Federal Solar Tax Credit available through 2019
3. Accelerated Depreciation with Bonus through 2017
4. Achieving 45%+ Return on Investment
5. Warranties last for 25 years

Businesses can install an Interconnected Solar System, and generate tax credits and phenomenal returns on the cost of that solar investment.


What is MACRS and why should I care?

If you own a business, and you are looking into installing solar, you should learn about MACRS for maximum investment benefit. Defined as the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System, MACRS is a method of depreciation in which a business’ investments in certain tangible property are recovered, for tax purposes, over a specified time period through annual deductions. Qualifying solar energy equipment is eligible for a cost recovery period of five years and can benefit your solar installation. And, through 2017, there is actually a bonus depreciation available! (more…)