Black Warrior Riverkeeper Saves Money and Energy with LED lights

BWRK LEDBirmingham – Eagle Solar & Light announces its latest LED light installation at the offices of Black Warrior Riverkeeper, a nonprofit clean water advocacy organization based in Birmingham, Alabama.

“The new LED lights will conserve energy and money, making us better stewards of natural resources and our supporters’ donations,” said Charles Scribner, Executive Director of Black Warrior Riverkeeper. “Morale has also improved among our employees and guests because our office lighting is noticeably better than the flickering fluorescents that previously loomed.” (more…)

New Tool for Saving Energy & Reducing Commercial Energy Bills

Our partner ActiveLED has just introduced The Explorer Energy Monitor, a user programmable device that allows for the monitoring of a building’s electricity usage in real time. The Explorer provides colorful graphs and reports allowing the user to explore better ways to manage their energy usage and thereby find options to save money on their electricity bill. The Explorer Energy Monitor can also send user defined email alarms that alert the user of power failures, brown-outs and over voltage event. Watch video below for illustration:


AlabamaSAVES Continues Commitment to EE


ALABAMASAVES_logo1MONTGOMERY, September 21, 2016— The AlabamaSAVES program is celebrating its sixth year as one of the most successful energy efficiency loan programs in the country. Since inception, AlabamaSAVES has partnered with over 40 financial institutions throughout Alabama to provide $56 million in funding for 102 commercial, industrial, institutional, and agricultural loans. The Program, which is sponsored by the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA), and administered by Abundant Power Group, LLC and its specialty finance affiliate, CleanSource Capital, LLC, has established a solid foundation for the on-going financing of energy efficiency in Alabama. By enabling private commercial, industrial, and institutional borrowers to make significant retrofits, 172 buildings representing 12.9 million square feet are benefiting from renewable energy installations such as: solar panel installation, HVAC upgrades, LED lighting, and water conservation measures. (more…)

German Solar Tour Part 2

by Samuel Yates, CEO

fieldLets talk about the big picture and compare solar in the United States to that in Germany.

Geography and Population-Germany is slightly smaller than the state of Montana and home to some 81 million people.

The population of the United States is 323 million.

Installed Solar-Germany has been the world’s top PV installer for several years. Total installed solar amounted to over 40 gigawatts (GW) at the end of May 2016.

The United States has about 19 gigawatts (GW) of installed solar capacity.

Electrical Consumption– This comparison is even more disappointing when you consider the fact that the United States consumes Eight Times more energy than Germany.

Solar Insolation– Alabama receives about 1550 kWhours per year, while Southern Germany receives about 20% less. (more…)

Going Solar in Alabama

by Elizabeth Scribner, Solar-Powered Homeowner

As of this moment, I am relaxing in a 72-degree living room, courtesy of the hot sun baking outside, as a solar-powered air-conditioning unit and solar-powered central fan expertly deliver cool air throughout my house.   With the sun as our primary power source, watching TV in the evening or making coffee in the morning have become truly guilt-free pleasures as we produce more energy than we need without the worry of spewing harmful toxins into the air or contaminating precious drinking water with coal waste.