Classroom Powered by the Sun

Brittany Decker of WVTM 13 talks to the kids at Highlands School about Solar

HIGHLANDS Solar Classroom


September 2, 2016, Learn more at Red Mountain Park:image002
Birmingham-based company, Eagle Solar & Light has installed and contributed a brand new solar lighting system for Red Mountain Park. The donation has made possible the illumination of the Park’s 80-foot tall Kaul Adventure Tower. Now Park guests can zip line, rappel and climb at night during special after-hours events. The lighting system is made up of ActiveLED Solar Lights and Solar Lighting Controls, PV solar panels and batteries. During the day, the solar panels charge the batteries that store energy to power ActiveLED solar lights once the sun goes down. ActiveLED’s ActiveREST dimming technology dims the lights when no one is on the Kaul Adventure Tower and raises lighting back to full power when guests approach. And should Park staff forget to turn the lights off at the end of an exciting night-time Adventure? No problem—ActiveLED controls will automatically turn the lights off at dawn.

In 2015, Sam Yates, Founder and President of Eagle Solar & Light, discussed with Red Mountain Park the exciting benefits of renewable energy at RMP, and generated a feasibility study on lighting the Kaul Adventure Tower so that revenue generation could be enhanced for zip tours after dark. Yates was excited to make the plan a reality, saying “Eagle Solar & Light is proud to have an opportunity to donate such an advanced renewable system for such a unique, incredible venue, home only to Birmingham, Alabama!” (more…)

Eagle Solar & Light turning City sun into clean energy

image As featured in Iron City Ink, July 28, 2016 -by Sam Chandler

Prior to last November, Samuel Yates said the Birmingham metro area did not have a company devoted to solar energy power systems.

The Mountain Brook resident has since helped start two of them.

In November, Yates said he co-founded Vulcan Solar Power as the first business of its kind in the area. But after a benevolent split with his founding partner in late March, he said he decided to launch his own. On April 1, Eagle Solar & Light came to life.

Located at 4005 Second Ave. S. in Avondale, Eagle Solar & Light specializes in the design, installation and service of solar energy systems for both residential and commercial use, Yates said.

Essentially, Yates and his team provide a start-to-finish turnkey service that can switch a building to at least partial reliance on solar power. This is typically accomplished by outfitting the roof with a grid of rectangular solar modules, which convert sunlight into a usable form of energy. (more…)

Alabama Environmental Council hopes new solar array can encourage Birmingham market

by Dennis Pillion, The Birmingham News

2016-06-21 09.54.43The Alabama Environmental Council flipped the switch this week on a new 1.5-kilowatt solar power array at the group’s recycling center, located in Birmingham’s Avondale area.

The array, which was donated to the AEC by new Birmingham-area solar installation company Eagle Solar and Light, consists of five 300-watt panels mounted to a bracket on the south-facing roof of the recycling center’s office building.


With potential solar energy boom on the horizon, Alabama lags behind

by Dennis Pillion, The Birmingham News

The rooftop solar industry has been booming nationwide in recent years, but that growth is not taking shape equally in all states. While Georgia now has a solar installation industry that employs 2,900 people, central and south Alabama has barely scraped up enough residential solar customers to make a football team.