Classroom Powered by the Sun

Brittany Decker of WVTM 13 talks to the kids at Highlands School about Solar

HIGHLANDS Solar Classroom

Solar in Alabama?

First Published on LinkedIn on December 20, 2016 by Joe Bennett:


Not too long ago, I entered the PV field with close to 30 years of operations experience and lots to learn.  During the first two weeks into my new field, I made a startling and crucial observation about what I see as the truest potential of solar energy:

Solar has a wide range of appeal across a diverse set of stakeholders. (more…)

Reimbursement rates frustrate solar panel adopters in Alabama

anniston-star-pic-sqAs reported in the Anniston Star by Eddie Burkhalter on November 17, 2016:

Clayton Angell thinks that in about two years’ time the new solar panel system atop his Anniston business will begin paying for itself.

He expects the 66-panel, 22-kilowatt system will generate about half of the energy needs of his Remodeler’s Outlet, located in a 71,000-square-foot former textile mill on Noble Street. (more…)

Energizing 1st Solar Ground Mount System in City of Mountain Brook

Mountain Brook, AL, September 12, 2016: Today, we energized the 1st Solar Ground Mount system in the city of Mountain brook approved by the Mountain Brook City Planning Commission.
img_1551This 12 kW system consists of:
40 ea of the LG, 300 watt, Monocryctalline Black Panels, mounted on a 55’ long SnapnRack ground mount railing system, 40 ea SolarEdge P300-5 Series Optimizers, a SolarEdge SE10,000A String Inverter, a SolarEdge SE1000 Zigbee ethernet kit for real time monitoring, interconnected into the main 200 amp panel, augmenting the electrical consumption from Alabama Power Company.
Additionally, we designed a water cooling system to lower module temperature on hot days, thereby increasing overall efficiency by an average of 7%.

Eagle Solar & Light turning City sun into clean energy

image As featured in Iron City Ink, July 28, 2016 -by Sam Chandler

Prior to last November, Samuel Yates said the Birmingham metro area did not have a company devoted to solar energy power systems.

The Mountain Brook resident has since helped start two of them.

In November, Yates said he co-founded Vulcan Solar Power as the first business of its kind in the area. But after a benevolent split with his founding partner in late March, he said he decided to launch his own. On April 1, Eagle Solar & Light came to life.

Located at 4005 Second Ave. S. in Avondale, Eagle Solar & Light specializes in the design, installation and service of solar energy systems for both residential and commercial use, Yates said.

Essentially, Yates and his team provide a start-to-finish turnkey service that can switch a building to at least partial reliance on solar power. This is typically accomplished by outfitting the roof with a grid of rectangular solar modules, which convert sunlight into a usable form of energy. (more…)