Southeast Green promotes Birmingham’s First Solar Powered School

Thursday, February 23rd, 2017

As reported by Southeast Green on February 23, 2017
Eagle Solar & Light of Birmingham, Alabama announces its latest solar installation at The Altamont School, 4801 Altamont Road South, Birmingham, Alabama. Construction began February 6th, on the 14.7 kW ground mounted Solar System, and was completed last week with the final electrical interconnect to the 3 Phase, 208V utility service.

“The new solar arrays will not only help us reduce our monthly consumption of power, they will also provide many outstanding educational opportunities for our students,” said Sarah Whiteside, Head of School. “Altamont’s global initiative theme for this academic year is “Energy Resources and Climate Change.” The solar arrays are one more way we can express that theme and incorporate environmental stewardship into the culture, and practices, of our school.”

System components include 44ea REC Twin Peak, 335 Watt, 72 cell commercial solar modules, mounted on a SnapNRack/Hollander array at 30-degree angle.  The system includes SolarEdge P700 and P400 Optimizers mounted with the solar modules, to maximize energy generation, and a SolarEdge SE14,400US Inverter, converting the energy to 3 Phase, 208V, alternating current.

“Using National Renewable Energy Lab’s 30 years of data, we estimate the solar array will generate 22,110 kilowatt-hours a year, saving thousands of dollars on power bills,” said Sam Yates, President of Eagle Solar and Light. “The solar array will provide approximately one-fifth of the school’s daytime energy consumption needs. The renewable energy will augment the purchased energy from Alabama Power Company.”