Residential Solar, LED Lighting and Automation, and more

Eagle Solar & Light offers a complimentary review, on-site visit, and a detailed renewable energy proposal. Much of our focus is on education and matching customer objectives to the best products in the industry

Solar Energy Systems have no moving parts, are noiseless, and require little maintenance. Many solar modules carry up to a 25 year warranty and are rated to withstand 1” diameter hail at 50 mph.

We handle the entire process from design, utility licensing, municipal permitting, installation, and after sale service.  Finally, our designs include cloud-based real time and historic system monitoring, accessible by any smart device.

Visit our blog post Going Solar in Alabama to learn more about residential solar.

Additional Services:

New Offering: AC/DC split Air Conditioner/Heat Pump:
We offer a new 1 ton combined air conditioner/heat pump that utilizes solar power and AC power. It runs off 3 solar panels to subsidize daylight power consumption, as well as a standard A/C connection. The control/thermostat is on a wireless handheld remote, that can be wall mounted or moved about.

And, it only draws 800 watts for cooling during the day compared to the customary 3500 watts for a conventional 1 ton A/C unit! Follow this link for more information.


Heliocol Solar Pool Heaters provide maintenance-free solar pool heating panels that protect your roof, your swimming pool investment and the environment. With no utility expense, Heliocol produces energy out of thin air, heating your pool and doubling your swim season. Follow this link for more information.