Simplifying LED Lighting & Automation


New or retrofit lighting for security

Exterior Lighting

LED Lights, fans, and other DC appliances

Indoor Lights and retrofits

Eagle Solar & Light, LLC offers lighting surveys, and energy analysis for businesses or entities that are considering LED Lighting replacements or retrofits FREE OF CHARGE!

It is important for our customers to understand the volume of energy consumed by their current lighting to be able to fully understand the benefits of LED Lighting. Through our energy analysis process, we will be able to show you how costly, and inefficient traditional lighting and maintenance can be currently as well as for the future of your business.

U.S. Manufacturers:

We are certified and licensed dealers to two U.S. based LED manufacturing companies. Noribachi, Inc. based in Los Angeles, CA has been in the IT business world since the mid to early 2000’s. In 2011, Noribachi focused their main business platform into high quality LED’s and has not stopped since. ActiveLED, a branch of Ringdale industries, has had similar controls and energy management systems on the market for nearly three decades. While based in Georgetown, TX, they hold the industry’s best warranty with their “ No fine print” ten year manufacturer’s warranty. Both Manufacturers design and build out all of their products from beginning to finish, upholding the highest industry standards for performance and quality.


Benefits of LED Lighting:

 Reduce overall Energy Consumption and Maintenance costs up to 90%
 Reduce number of Lights needed
 Lower Maintenance costs dramatically
 Long Term Energy Savings
 Better Lighting with fewer watts
 Improved visibility for increased productivity, or safety & security

Eagle Solar & Light’s Lighting Capabilities:

 Free Lighting Surveys
 Free Energy Analysis
 Installation of New Fixtures or Retrofits
 Supply Fixtures
 Supply Retrofits
 Supply Retrofit Kits
 Drop Ship to Job Sites


Eagle Solar & Light, LLC also has the following additional options to add to any Lighting Design:

 Lighting Automation
 Daylight Harvesting
 Stand – Alone Lighting
 Light Dimming
 Occupancy Sensors
 Battery Back-up Safety Lighting
 Photocells
 Hazardous Solutions
 Vandal Resistant
 Marine Grade Fixtures
 Growth Lighting
 Custom Lighting Colors
 Custom Fixture Colors
 Solar Powered
 Battery Back-up

Applications for LED Lighting:

 Airports
 Aircraft Hangars & Maintenance Facilities
 Auditoriums
 Ballfields
 Building Exterior Lights
 Car Lots/ Dealerships
 Churches
 Correctional Facilities
 Covered Parking
 Display & Parking Lighting
 Exterior Security Lighting
 Gas Stations
 Gymnasiums
 Hazardous Locations
 Hospitals
 Indoor/Outdoor Courts
 Indoor Showrooms
 Laboratories
 Livestock Facilities
 Make Ready Areas
 Manufacturing & Productions
 Office Lighting
 Open Parking Lots
 Outdoor Lighting
 Paint Booth Lighting
 Parks & Playgrounds
 Reception Office Lighting
 Repair Shops
 Retail & Hospitality
 Schools, Universities, & Colleges
 Security Lighting
 Service Bays
 Shipping Bays
 Stadium Lighting
 Stand-Alone Lighting
 Storage Units
 Street & Roadway Lighting
 Vandal Resistant Lighting
 Warehouses
 And Many More…