Heliocol Solar Pool Heating

Heliocol fence mount
A Heliocol solar heated pool logo.

Heliocol Solar Pool heaters provide maintenance-free solar pool heating panels that protect your roof, your swimming pool investment and the environment. It’s not magic, but it comes close. With no moving parts, Heliocol panels are durable and built to last. With no utility expense, Heliocol produces energy out of thin air, heating your pool and doubling your swim season.

Heliocol is the most efficient solar pool heating system on the market, producing more heat per roof than any other system. Part of Heliocol’s efficiency comes from its one-of-a-kind individual tube design. Not only do Heliocol’s individual tubes create more Heliocol porch mountheat than other types of collectors, round tubes are the most efficient means of absorbing the sun’s energy. Heliocol’s patented individual tube design allows for maximum absorption of the sun’s heat all day long, unlike other panels which are most efficient only at solar noon.

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