New Tool for Saving Energy & Reducing Commercial Energy Bills

Thursday, January 5th, 2017

Our partner ActiveLED has just introduced The Explorer Energy Monitor, a user programmable device that allows for the monitoring of a building’s electricity usage in real time. The Explorer provides colorful graphs and reports allowing the user to explore better ways to manage their energy usage and thereby find options to save money on their electricity bill. The Explorer Energy Monitor can also send user defined email alarms that alert the user of power failures, brown-outs and over voltage event. Watch video below for illustration:

Building owners are often frustrated by what they see in their monthly electricity bill. They see their total energy usage, but are unclear as to where that energy is being wasted. The Energy Monitor assists building owners in discovering and changing their electricity usage in ways that will save them money.

Another benefit of the Explorer Energy Monitor is that there are no separate data fees. Unlike other products and services, all data is inclusive to the device and does not require a data subscription service to access all of the great information the Explorer provides.

Models of the Explorer Energy Monitor are available for both commercial as well as residential use. Wireless access is also an available option for start-up and ease of data access.

View Spec Sheet at this link.
Download at this link.

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