Commercial Solar and LED Lighting and Automation

Commercial Systems can be designed to fit existing space on roofs, warehouses, or ground-mounted to generate fast paybacks and exceptional financial returns. We offer turn-key systems including design, permitting, electrical, installation, and energizing complete systems.

Eagle Solar & Light provides Solar Power Systems for both single phase and 3 phase 208/480V services. Generally, commercial businesses benefit from expansive roofs that provide an ideal mounting footprint.

Businesses can also benefit from the combination of the Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery Depreciation (MACRS) and the 30% Federal Tax Credit, which collectively reduce the after tax cost of a system by almost 50%!

New Tool for Saving Energy & Reducing Commercial Energy Bills

To help you save energy and monitor utility bills, we now offer the Explorer Energy Monitor. A user programmable device, the Explorer allows for the monitoring of a building’s electricity usage in real time. The Explorer provides colorful graphs and reports allowing the user to explore better ways to manage their energy usage and thereby find options to save money on their electricity bill. The Explorer Energy Monitor can also send user defined email alarms that alert the user of power failures, brown-outs and over voltage event.

Excited to Offer Schletter Park@Sol Carport Systems

We are excited to offer this great product that creates new usable surfaces for solar energy while providing shade for parking or pedestrian areas. The Park@Sol system is the most versatile solar carport solution on the market offering several different design options for both single and double rows of parking. To accommodate any site situation, customized foundation options are available including cast-in-place concrete ballasts, concrete pillars, and micropile integrations. Follow this link for more information.