Sam Monroe Joins Team as Summer Intern

Sam Monroe

Sam Monroe is the newest team member at Eagle Solar and Light, serving as an intern for the 2017 Summer. He is a local from Birmingham, where he has lived most of his life. He graduated in 2014 from the Altamont School and is about to start his senior year at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN where he is studying Mechanical Engineering.

Sam joined the team because he has a passion for clean and renewable energy . His course of studies have exposed him to some components and given him a basic, academic knowledge of the field, but he wants to explore the business and more practical aspects of solar energy.  Sam is excited to see how the science behind photovoltaic cells is being applied to the world around him and he hopes to one day see clean and renewable energy sources become the world standard.

This summer, Sam will be learning from different team members on sales and education, developing a proposal to fit a customer’s needs and interests, designing a system with all appropriate components, and even helping out with the installation and energizing of the system.

If you would like to share your talents while learning more about solar energy and LED lighting, let us know.

Classroom Powered by the Sun

Brittany Decker of WVTM 13 talks to the kids at Highlands School about Solar

HIGHLANDS Solar Classroom

Highlands School Adds Outdoor Solar Classroom

Highlands 8th grade students work with Eagle Solar and Light to design and construct a solar-powered outdoor classroom on the Highlands campus

Last year, Highlands hosted its semi-annual auction to raise funds for exciting new projects and additions to the Highlands campus. One target project was a solar powered outdoor classroom at the center of the campus. As part of the 2016-2017 8th grade Environmental Science class, students worked with Middle School Science Teacher, Sam Kindervater to design the outdoor classroom. (more…)

Black Warrior Riverkeeper Saves Money and Energy with LED lights

BWRK LEDBirmingham – Eagle Solar & Light announces its latest LED light installation at the offices of Black Warrior Riverkeeper, a nonprofit clean water advocacy organization based in Birmingham, Alabama.

“The new LED lights will conserve energy and money, making us better stewards of natural resources and our supporters’ donations,” said Charles Scribner, Executive Director of Black Warrior Riverkeeper. “Morale has also improved among our employees and guests because our office lighting is noticeably better than the flickering fluorescents that previously loomed.” (more…)

Altamont School flips the switch on new solar array as energy saver, learning tool

As reported by Dennis Pillion on on March 8, 2017:

The Altamont School in Birmingham flipped the switch Wednesday on a new, 14.7 kilowatt solar power system that it expects will provide about 20 percent of the school’s daytime electricity, according to installer Sam Yates of Eagle Solar and Light.

The system, located on a south-facing hill overlooking the school’s soccer fields, has a 25 year warranty, will also include a learning kiosk in the school to show the real-time performance of the system and the school’s overall energy use, providing an educational component to the system.

“The new solar array will not only help us reduce our monthly consumption of power, it will also provide outstanding educational opportunities for our students,” Sarah Whiteside, Head of School, said in a news release. “Altamont’s global initiative theme for this academic year is ‘Energy Resources and Climate Change.’

“The solar array is one more way we can express that theme and incorporate environmental stewardship into the culture, and practices, of our school.” (more…)

Birmingham Business Journal promotes Birmingham’s First Solar School

Reported by Birmingham Business Journal on February 24, 2017

The Altamont School has made the switch to solar power. Eagle Solar & Light finished installing a 14.7 kW ground-mounted solar system last week that offers a 3 Phase, 208V utility service.

Sam Yates, president of Eagle Solar & Light, said the school’s system is estimated to generate 22,110 kilowatt hours a year, which will save thousands of dollars on electric bills. (more…)

Southeast Green promotes Birmingham’s First Solar Powered School

As reported by Southeast Green on February 23, 2017
Eagle Solar & Light of Birmingham, Alabama announces its latest solar installation at The Altamont School, 4801 Altamont Road South, Birmingham, Alabama. Construction began February 6th, on the 14.7 kW ground mounted Solar System, and was completed last week with the final electrical interconnect to the 3 Phase, 208V utility service.

“The new solar arrays will not only help us reduce our monthly consumption of power, they will also provide (more…)

Birmingham’s first “solar powered school” – The Altamont School

As reported on Bham Now on February 17, 2017

Altamont School Birmingham Alabama
Solar array installation at The Altamont School is the first at middle/high school in Birmingham – Photo provided to Bham Now by The Altamont School

The Altamont School is about to become Birmingham’s first “solar powered school.”

For the past week, Eagle Solar and Light, a local solar power systems company, has been installing a multi-paneled solar array alongside the school’s track.


Solar: It’s Not Just For Rich Greenies Any More

As reported in Gizmodo on February 3, 2017

It used to be a market dominated by those on higher incomes, but the newest information about exactly who is buying solar power systems reveals the majority are families on medium to lower incomes.

The study, based on Queensland households, was undertaken by Dr Jeff Sommerfeld from QUT’s Creative Industries Faculty School of Design, who investigated the factors influencing solar PV uptake.

Dr Sommerfeld said the study “knocked on the head” any notion that solar PV was reserved for high-income, inner city, green voters.

“In fact, the highest uptake of solar PV systems is coming from (more…)

Renewable Energy Is Creating Jobs 12 Times Faster Than the Rest of the Economy

As reported in Fortune on January 27, 2017

The solar and wind industries are each creating jobs at a rate 12 times faster than that of the rest of the U.S. economy, according to a new report.

The study, published by the Environmental Defense Fund’s (EDF) Climate Corps program, says that solar and wind jobs have grown at rates of about 20% annually in recent years, and sustainability now collectively represents four to four and a half million jobs in the U.S., up from 3.4 million in 2011.

The renewable energy sector has seen rapid growth over recent years, driven largely by (more…)