AC/DC split Air Conditioner/Heat Pump

img_5135Eagle Solar and Light is proud to offer a new 1 ton combined air conditioner/heat pump that utilizes solar power and AC power. Manufactured by HotSpot, this unit provides great service with decreased electric grid dependence and high efficiency.

It runs off 3 solar panels to subsidize daylight power consumption, as well as a standard A/C connection. The control/thermostat is on a wireless handheld remote, that can be wall mounted or moved about.

And, it only draws 800 watts for cooling during the day compared to the customary 3500 watts for a conventional 1 ton A/C unit!


img_5133Connect up to 3 solar panels (900watts)
Runs on Solar Power & AC Power
11,500 BTU Cooling/13,000 BTU Heating (1 Ton equivalent)
Plug n Play Solar Connection
No Batteries Required
Average Power Consumption Cooling = 585 Watts
Average Power Consumption Heating = 860 Watts