Real-Time Monitoring for Solar Installations

solaredge_logoAn important component for maintaining any photovoltaic solar system is monitoring system performance. All clients of Eagle Solar and Light have access to this information in one form or another. Components installed by our company utilize internet-based or stand-alone monitoring to give up-to-date information on that installation, so that customers can observe and track production information.  (more…)

Solar in Alabama?

First Published on LinkedIn on December 20, 2016 by Joe Bennett:


Not too long ago, I entered the PV field with close to 30 years of operations experience and lots to learn.  During the first two weeks into my new field, I made a startling and crucial observation about what I see as the truest potential of solar energy:

Solar has a wide range of appeal across a diverse set of stakeholders. (more…)

Solus Solar Shingles coming to Alabama

solar-shingleSolus engineering solar shingles are slated to be UL approved for installation in April of 2017. A number of customers have expressed a solar application that was more seamless to an existing roof or design. This technology meets that goal while producing electricity for consumption or storage onsite. Contact Eagle Solar and Light to learn more about these 18W panels. (more…)

What’s an Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and what does it have to do with solar?

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As if the decision to get solar wasn’t complicated enough – with constantly evolving state and federal policies, as well as widespread misinformation – we’re about to introduce a new factor: the internal rate of return. It may sound daunting at first, but understanding the financial return of investing in solar, regardless of location or prior knowledge of solar, can greatly simplify the decision-making process.

So what is an internal rate of return? (more…)

How clean is solar power?

A New Paper May Have the Answer

As reported in the Economist on December 10, 2016

THAT solar panels do not emit greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide when they are generating electricity is without question. This is why they are beloved of many who worry about the climate-altering potential of such gases. Sceptics, though, observe that a lot of energy is needed to make a solar panel in the first place. (more…)

Bottom Line on Commercial Solar Returns

cash-flow-graphHere at Eagle Solar and Light, we are often asked: what kind of financial returns ($$) do commercial solar installations produce, and why?

Solar Commercial Systems will typically generate:

  • Paybacks < 2 years
  • Internal Rates of Return > 50% (IRR is a metric used to measure the profitability of a project). Yes, that’s correct, greater than 50%!!

Why are the Financial Returns so incredible? (more…)

Eagle Solar and Light Expanding With General Contractors License

The State Licensing Board for General Contractors has issued license #51689 to Eagle Solar and Light for solar panel installation, allowing the company to expand up to a $1 million project ceiling. Previously, the company had its Alabama Home Builders License to do business in Alabama, which previously authorized projects up to $50,000.

“We’re really excited about what this can do for solar in Alabama,” said Sam Yates, President of Eagle Solar and Light. “We’ve had interest from businesses for larger commercial solar systems and we haven’t been able to provide an estimate. This new liscensure gives us the ability to grow our company and expand solar across the state with much larger systems than before.” (more…)