Birmingham’s First Solar Home Tour Announced

Birmingham, September 29, 2016: In conjunction with Energy Awareness month every October, homeowners and businesses in neighborhoods across the country open their doors and show what they’ve done to slash utility bills and help cut pollution from electric generating plants. It offers the opportunity to informally tour innovative green homes and buildings, and see how solar energy can be used efficiently. The tour hopes to inspire people across the nation to make sustainable energy choices that reduce costs, support energy independence, protect against power outages, and reduce carbon emissions.

Get ready to see solar power generated and other clean energy projects. This is a chance to see affordable and practical technologies, in your neighborhood, that benefit the environment and are part of the solution to our nation’s energy problems. If you are considering solar energy, please consider visiting a business or resident participating in the National Solar Tour to learn more.

For the first time, Birmingham will have its own Solar Home Tour. Tours have been occurring in other parts of the state, but will be brought to the Magic City for the first time in 2016. This year’s Birmingham events will be hosted by the Alabama Solar Knowledge Project of the Alabama Environmental Council, UAB Sustainability, Eagle Solar and Light, and Vulcan Solar Power.

Visit one (or all) of these Birmingham locations anytime during their time-slot to learn more about how solar energy can help you reduce electricity bills, reduce carbon emissions, and achieve energy freedom!

8-10am AEC Recycling Center
8-10am Daystar Construction
10am-12pm UAB Recreation Center Solar Project
12-2pm Residential Home
12-2pm Residential Home
1-3pm Residential Home
2-4pm Red Mountain Park tower

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AlabamaSAVES Continues Commitment to EE


ALABAMASAVES_logo1MONTGOMERY, September 21, 2016— The AlabamaSAVES program is celebrating its sixth year as one of the most successful energy efficiency loan programs in the country. Since inception, AlabamaSAVES has partnered with over 40 financial institutions throughout Alabama to provide $56 million in funding for 102 commercial, industrial, institutional, and agricultural loans. The Program, which is sponsored by the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA), and administered by Abundant Power Group, LLC and its specialty finance affiliate, CleanSource Capital, LLC, has established a solid foundation for the on-going financing of energy efficiency in Alabama. By enabling private commercial, industrial, and institutional borrowers to make significant retrofits, 172 buildings representing 12.9 million square feet are benefiting from renewable energy installations such as: solar panel installation, HVAC upgrades, LED lighting, and water conservation measures. (more…)

Energizing 1st Solar Ground Mount System in City of Mountain Brook

Mountain Brook, AL, September 12, 2016: Today, we energized the 1st Solar Ground Mount system in the city of Mountain brook approved by the Mountain Brook City Planning Commission.
img_1551This 12 kW system consists of:
40 ea of the LG, 300 watt, Monocryctalline Black Panels, mounted on a 55’ long SnapnRack ground mount railing system, 40 ea SolarEdge P300-5 Series Optimizers, a SolarEdge SE10,000A String Inverter, a SolarEdge SE1000 Zigbee ethernet kit for real time monitoring, interconnected into the main 200 amp panel, augmenting the electrical consumption from Alabama Power Company.
Additionally, we designed a water cooling system to lower module temperature on hot days, thereby increasing overall efficiency by an average of 7%.


September 2, 2016, Learn more at Red Mountain Park:image002
Birmingham-based company, Eagle Solar & Light has installed and contributed a brand new solar lighting system for Red Mountain Park. The donation has made possible the illumination of the Park’s 80-foot tall Kaul Adventure Tower. Now Park guests can zip line, rappel and climb at night during special after-hours events. The lighting system is made up of ActiveLED Solar Lights and Solar Lighting Controls, PV solar panels and batteries. During the day, the solar panels charge the batteries that store energy to power ActiveLED solar lights once the sun goes down. ActiveLED’s ActiveREST dimming technology dims the lights when no one is on the Kaul Adventure Tower and raises lighting back to full power when guests approach. And should Park staff forget to turn the lights off at the end of an exciting night-time Adventure? No problem—ActiveLED controls will automatically turn the lights off at dawn.

In 2015, Sam Yates, Founder and President of Eagle Solar & Light, discussed with Red Mountain Park the exciting benefits of renewable energy at RMP, and generated a feasibility study on lighting the Kaul Adventure Tower so that revenue generation could be enhanced for zip tours after dark. Yates was excited to make the plan a reality, saying “Eagle Solar & Light is proud to have an opportunity to donate such an advanced renewable system for such a unique, incredible venue, home only to Birmingham, Alabama!” (more…)